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Zillions of Games and ConTEXT

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ConTEXT is a freeware text editor.

Using free ConTEXT customization files for Zillions that we have defined, scripts will be highlighted according to the ZRF syntax. ZSG files will also be highlighted.

To install the customization file into your installed copy of ConTEXT, do the following:

  • Download
  • Unzip the files into the ConTEXT's highlighters directory.
    By default, this directory is C:\Program Files\ConTEXT\Highlighters
  • Run/Restart ConTEXT.

Hitting F1 while editing a ZRF file in ConTEXT will bring up the Zillions Language Reference. This will work automatically if Zillions of Games is installed to the location

C:\Program Files\Zillions Development\Zillions of Games

If Zillions is installed in a different directory you can change the line beginning with "HelpFile" in ConTEXT\Highlighters\Zillions ZRF.chl to point to a different location.

Syntax colors can be customized to suit yourself by modifying ConTEXT\Highlighters\Zillions ZRF.chl, near the end. Highlight categories include reserved keywords, preprocessor commands, operators & control, numbers, comments, quotations, and symbols (parentheses).

ConTEXT has brace matching features that are very useful for editing rules files. If the text cursor is positioned directly before a parenthesis symbol -- '(' or ')' -- then:

  • It and the matching parenthesis symbol will be darkened.
  • Edit:Match Braces (Ctrl-M) will move the text cursor to the matching parenthesis symbol.
  • Edit:Select Text Between Braces will select the text within the parentheses

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