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TextPad is free to evaluate (with periodic "nag" screens). It is $27 to purchase.

With a custom syntax definition file (.syn) and clip library (.tcl) for the Zillions language ZRF syntax is highlighted as shown above; the text clips on the left are easily inserted into the script. The syntax definition file was written by Kevin Crocker and modified by Jeff Mallett.

Control-M and Control-Shift-M are useful for matching parentheses.

To install the syntax definition file and clip library into your copy of TextPad:

  • Download
  • Unzip Zillions.syn to the TextPad 'Samples' folder - this will make the clip library available.
    For the syntax coloring, continue with:
  • Select Configure:New Document Class... in TextPad and fill out the wizard as follows:

Users of old versions of TextPad should see the TextPad site for alternative installation instructions.

It is also recommended you add the question mark '?' and the dash '-' to the "Other characters in words" field of your Zillions syntax Preferences (after completing the wizard above), as shown below:

This way double clicking will always select a complete name in your script.

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