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A Tricky Win In Dodgem

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Note: To find this game in Zillions of Games click the "Dodgem" tile (red car) on the Select screen. The 3x3 version is the default variant.

Zillions has shown that the 3x3 Dodgem game has a forced win for the first player. In Dodgem, two players try to be the first to get all their cars off the board. Cars can only move in the directions shown by the like-colored arrows. Blue goes first. The best first move is as shown:

After just a few moves, the winning side (Blue) needs to make a rather weird looking move as shown:

Instead of taking the obvious move of moving its car off the board to the right, the only winning move is to move downward. This forces red to take its only remaining move and ensures the blue car to the left will be able to make it off the board before the red cars leave.

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