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Custom Game Development


Add a little fun to your next promotion -- online or offline -- with custom-made games from Zillions Development. We have developed a revolutionary "universal game" engine that can play nearly any abstract board game or puzzle in the world. This technology is what's behind our flagship product, Zillions of Games, which plays more than 350 games and puzzles out of the box and has been expanded by users to thousands more game variants

What does that mean for you? It means that Zillions Development can create a custom-made game just for you -- integrating your own company logo, graphics, colors, etc., within weeks or even days of a request. This game can be downloaded and played offline. (See the Fat Cow Checkers example below.)

Or, if you prefer something more elaborate, Zillions Development can work with you to create a custom, online gaming environment that will be sure to keep your visitors coming back on a regular basis. See our pricing for custom game development.


Are you simply interested in a one-off promotion where your company logo can be featured on the board or as the game pieces in a particular game? Are you working on a promotion campaign for your music, TV or film event where you need a quick product that might interest your web site or store visitors as an entertaining give-away?

Zillions Development can put together just such a game product for you in a matter of days -- and that game will have all of the built-in features that made Tucows give the program a "five cow" rating, and had Abstract Games Magazine declaring it to be "the most important new gaming concept since Dungeons and Dragons."

Zillions is the quickest and most cost-effective way to satisfy your gaming needs, whether it's for the promotion of your media event, or for the creation of an entirely self-sustaining online gaming community. We have the experience and the know-how that you need.


Are you interested in creating a gaming community online? Zillions Development can create just such an environment for you -- one that will keep your visitors coming back again and again.

Working with your own web site's look and feel, we can integrate a dynamic gaming engine that will allow users to play against one another, to track their progress through several different games and to measure themselves against other game players. A huge number of games can be made available in this fashion.


If you are would like to discuss what we can create for you, feel free to contact us by email.

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