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Great interface, expandability, online play, game histories and more...

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Product Features

See the 100 new features in Zillions of Games 2!

Many Ways to Play

  • Strong* "artificial intelligence" opponent
  • Internet play -- play a friend on the other side of the world
  • LAN and modem play through DirectX technologies

Explore and Learn!

  • Packed with over 350 board games, puzzles, and variants
  • Integrated strategy tips, history, and help for every game
  • Legal move display --- pick up a piece to see how it moves
  • Shows which pieces can move and which squares are attacked
  • Adjustable skill levels and time settings
  • Take-back
  • Context-sensitive piece help; Status bar help
  • Hints and puzzle solutions

Expand and Experiment!

  • Download more free games from the Zillions of Games web site
  • Modify rules to create your own game variants
  • Invent your own new games ...and play them immediately
  • Drop in future killer engines with Zillions' plug-in architecture

Superior User Interface

  • Works with the force-feedback mice/trackballs
  • "Smart Moves" - one click to move
  • "Face Feedback" and search status
  • Board editing for easy problem setup
  • VCR-style navigation buttons and arrow-key navigation
  • Game saving and loading
  • Graphical selection screens; View by game complexity
  • Sounds and music
  • Alternate piece sets
  • Animation
  • Printing
  • Online user documentation
  • Scoresheet -- click move list to jump to any point in the game

* Zillions of Games was developed by computer chess professionals after years of research. It has defeated many chess masters and international masters in chess variant play and has won computer-vs.-computer tournaments in Reversi and Pente.

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